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2 recording sessions x 2 days = 1-of-a-kind opportunity!

After months of planning, Prem is eagerly looking forward to beginning recording for Prem Rawat Radio this February…and you can be right there when he does.

Be there at the inception of Prem Rawat Radio and join Prem for two content-rich recording sessions daily on February 16th and 17th in L.A. This is a chance to see Prem in “creative mode” and be part of the development of a brand new project. We’ll be filming as Prem plays music from his personal collection...tells stories…and shares insights about life with his signature wit and wisdom. And by attending, you’ll not only be progressing Prem Rawat Radio; you’ll also be helping TimelessToday grow.

The modern theater is intimate, with short, elevated rows that provide excellent viewing from all seats (some of the best viewing of any venue Prem has ever used). But for that reason, there is limited seating left.

Tickets are on sale now for February 16th and/or February 17th. Even if you can only make it for one day, this will be a memorable experience. If you can possibly go…don’t miss it!
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Due to popular demand, we hosted a second call last week with CEO Monika Winslow and Vice-President Premlata Rawat Hudson sharing updated information about Prem Rawat Radio. Dial in to a recording of that call Monday, February 4 at 6:00 p.m. PST (9:00 p.m. EST).
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If life is like a bunch of layers, what is the layer that underlies all of the others?

5:50 min. Available on the app and website in the Public Library Section.
The Magic of Barcelona

“Brilliant... a grand finale to the year.” That’s how one person described Prem’s last public address of 2018 in Barcelona. If you missed the LiveStream, the Replay of it is available with a subscription.

1:44:07 min. in English, Spanish and French.
You said it...

I am very grateful for TimelessToday! The Hindi videos with English translations are my absolute favorites. Prem is so direct!  - J.W.D.
Now in Spanish

Prem Rawat en Sebokeng
31:30 min. Con una suscripción

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