Sri Lanka public event

 You’re invited to an important global call on Sunday, 16 December—as is anyone interested in the latest news about Prem Rawat’s efforts to take his message of peace worldwide.

Premlata Rawat Hudson, who will speak on the call, says 2019 is shaping up to be “anything but business as usual” for Prem’s work. Other speakers listed below will tell their frontline stories of the profound impact his message made recently on people young and old in Japan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and India.

This call is your chance to find out how your contributions to Words of Peace Global and Words of Peace International help make his work possible.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

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The speakers on this 30 to 40 minute call will include:
  • Premlata Rawat Hudson, Daughter of Prem Rawat, Co-owner of TimelessToday
  • Paul Bloomfield, Global Manager of Special Events
  • Hilary Davis, Global Event Manager
  • Barbara Brogan, Global Sponsorship Manager

Sunday, 16 December
10:00 am PST (Los Angeles) - 1:00 pm EST (New York) - 6:00 pm GMT (London) - 7:00 pm CET (Barcelona) - 8:00 pm SAST (Johannesburg)
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1-712-770-4160 in North America
Access code: 414194#

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If you have problems connecting, dial: 1-518-333-1520. You will be asked to enter the dial-in number: 712-770-4160 (do not put "1" at the beginning). You will be asked to enter the access code: 414194#.

The call will be recorded and replays in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish will be available during the following week.

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